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Cowl neck dress for busty women

Wedding season is so near that we can almost taste the champagne! We’ve purchased our tickets, identified a winning gift, and are now focused on obtaining that lovely outfit—specifically, one for huge boobs. While having a larger bust can be advantageous, it is undeniable that finding a bombshell style that is both supportive and seductive can be difficult.

The women with larger busts don’t always have it as simple as the girls with smaller busts, who may frequently just slip on a dress and call it a day. There is a long list of occupational risks associated with the chesty region, from uni-boobs to strapless bras. However, there are some looks that are quite flattering on women with large busts, whether they wish to hide their girls or show them out.

Here, wedding guest dresses, jumpsuits, and co-ords to keep you contained, comfortable, and looking lovely.

Wrap Dress

Contrary to popular belief, large-chested women can and should absolutely rock wrap dresses. Wrap dresses can help draw everything inward to give the impression of a more streamlined profile. When worn properly, they flow over your bust and hips without causing any unattractive bulging or lumps, which has the effect of making your waist appear teeny little.

The key here is to size your bust rather than your waist. Since you wrap and tie the dress yourself, it usually fits more comfortably (unlike a dress you zip up, which can only stretch so much before it rips). There should be little to no gaping or pulling in that area if you size according to your broadest part, which in this case is your chest.

Wrap dresses for wedding guests wth big bust size
Wrap style dresses for Big Bust women
Wrap dresses for wedding guests wth big bust size
Wrap style dresses for Big Bust women

V-Neck Dresses

The deep V is sexy on everyone but this is especially true for girls with bigger busts. A shallow plunge, on the other hand, can still seem appropriate for work or a meal with the in-laws while being equally attractive. Look for styles that end at the middle of your breasts if you want to go the va-va-voom route. If you go any further, your girls can seem saggy. To really draw the attention inward for a slimmer profile, we choose narrower styles for shorter Vs rather than those that start out around your shoulders.

V-neck dresses for wedding guests wth big bust size
V-neck dress
V-neck dresses for wedding guests wth big bust size
V-neck Dress

Fit and Flare Dresses

These cinched-at-the-waist dresses accentuate an hourglass silhouette regardless of your natural shape, but they look especially good on women with large breasts. Additionally, while they go with just about any neckline, we adore shallow V-necks and square necklines the most for subtly exposing your collarbone.

Fit and flare dress for big bust
Fit and Flare dress


The style works AMAZINGLY well if you buy a shirtdress that is belted and has a relaxed-fitting (i.e., not tight) silhouette. The trick here is to tighten your waist to give yourself more contour. Everyone has experienced wearing a “flowy” dress that, due to the boob sitch, turns into a tent on them.

Shirtdresses for wedding guests wth big bust size

One Shoulder Cocktail Dresses and Jumpsuits

This eye-catching one-shouldered number will ensure you stun at the ceremony. This dress gives the illusion of having a tiny waist to your silhouette and subtly exposes your collarbone.

The design guides the eye from the neck to the chest area in a flattering way making it a great option for you to try out.

Plus size big bust one hand jumpsuit
One hand jumpsuit for busty women
One hand cocktail dress for big breasted women
One hand cocktail dress

Sheath Silhouettes

Sheath dresses are identified by their straight, fitted silhouette and defined waist (not to be confused with a shift dress which falls straight from the shoulders with darts in the bust to add shape). For women with larger boobs but otherwise very straight figures, they function incredibly well. A sheath isn’t skin-tight, so you don’t have to worry about exposing every hump or bump while showcasing your curves, unlike a bodycon dress that puts it all on display.

Sheath dresses for wedding guests wth big bust size
Sheath dress

High-Neck Dresses

Looking for how to dress modestly while having a big bust? The high-neck dresses are your best bet!

High necklines are appropriate for formal party gowns as well as formal work attire because they are both elegant and comfortable. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about anything popping out or showing out excessively. Again, I’d advise choosing a garment with a cinched waist.

High-neck dresses for busty women
High neck dress

Corset Style Dresses/Tops

Your go-to style will be the corset trend. They can be found on tops and dresses, and they look fantastic on a variety of body types. You can choose corset styles that will provide the girls with additional support while also slimming the waist. Also, keep in mind that the bottom half of your garment should fit

loosely to better balance your shape. For instance, wear loose-fitting pants with a corset top if you’re wearing one.

Corset top and skirt outfit for wedding guests
Corset top and ruched skirt outfit
Corset dress for wedding guests wth big bust size
Corset Dress

Cowl Neck Dresses

The cowl neck has made a triumphant return. You can find them in cocktail dresses and other ensembles that may also flatter your body. The sexy essence of this style of dress is maintained without calling too much attention to the bust region. Because it draws attention to the collarbone instead of the cleavage, it does it in an elegant manner. The greatest choices you may make are dresses without a lot of draped fabric.

Cowl neck dress for busty women
Cowl neck dress

The Ruched Button-down Dress

This dress has a ruched effect around the buttons and is made of fabric with a lot of stretch, so any fabric pulling appears to be completely intentional (i.e. not like your girlies are bursting out).

Ruched button down dresses for wedding guests
Ruched Button-down dress

What other styles would you wear for a wedding a busty babe?

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