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16 Non conventional wedding trends to keep an eye on

After several tough months of the COVID-19 lockdown, engaged couples are looking forward to their wedding plans with renewed hope and excitement. They can once more daydream about large gatherings, jam-packed dance floors, and pictures of people grinning.

In the coming years, we will see couples making generally everything more intentional, focusing on their guest experience and having a personalized touch.

Wanna know what are the biggest wedding trends? Of course, you do! You won’t want to forget these concepts quickly, so have a pen, paper, and pinning fingers.

Breaking Traditions

One of the biggest trends I am loving this time around is embracing individuality. Many brides are completely ignoring traditional wedding standards and making their rules. From reception-only to non-traditional wedding dresses to elopement, weddings are much more individualized to the couple.

I am loving this new trend. Weddings are moving from the cookie cutter weddings are really doing it for me.

Earthy, Nature-Inspired Palettes

After spending months indoors due to the pandemic, many people have developed a newfound appreciation of nature and the environment.

With regards to weddings, having earthy, nature-inspired decórs is the talk of the season. Monochromatic color schemes of blush orange or brown are a great choice for having a nature-inspired wedding. Others are adding some neutral colors such as black, pastel pink, silky ivories, caramels, or grey to add contrast.

In terms of flowers, nude palettes go perfectly well for earthier tones. Some of the flowers are Japanese Wabara Ioli Rose and Golden Mustard Rose.

earthy/natural wedding decor
earthy/natural wedding decor
Golden mustard rose wedding
Golden mustard rose wedding

Weekday Weddings

Although the pandemic put a hold on so many wedding plans, it definitely did not stop the influx of engagements. Because of this, the industry is saturated with postponed weddings and as a result, most venues are completely booked making couples accept the idea of weekday weddings.

Does this affect the ceremony? Yes, since most guests might be working. However, there are many benefits that come with weekday weddings such as lower rates and more venue & vendor variety to choose from! Plus for couples struggling with narrowing down their guest list, this will definitely help.

Specialty Vendors and Entertainment

Entertainment has always been a focal point for most wedding ceremonies. However, we are witnessing a new era of over-the-top entertainment.

A lot of couples are looking to have drag queen entertainment to host their weddings, Top DJs, live painters, food trucks, and even bring broadway to their wedding celebrations. I know I am loving this trend because who wouldn’t want to see their guests enjoying themselves?

Live painting at weddings
Live painting at weddings

Sober Curious Weddings

Alcohol has traditionally been considered to be a necessity for a “good” wedding, from a glass of champagne for the speeches to an open bar. However, an increasing number of couples are including alcohol-free options on their menu. The sober curious movement, which advocates abstaining from or limiting alcohol use for health or personal reasons, has a significant influence on weddings. Additionally, some visitors may be breastfeeding mothers or expectant women who are unable to consume alcoholic beverages. Offering customers a more appealing non-alcoholic drink option will undoubtedly catch on.

Destination/Elopement Weddings

With travel restrictions loosened and vaccines available, destination weddings are back!

For couples who choose to have elopement/destination weddings, you can celebrate in style with a party or celebration when you get home or after a 1 year marriage anniversary. If you don’t want to have a huge wedding party, make sure to tell your friends and family so that they are included in your plans.

Even though you choose to elope on your wedding day rather than partake in a traditional celebration, it’s okay; most of your family and friends will understand and accept your choice.

Elopement/Destination Weddings
Elopement/Destination Weddings
Elopement weddings
Elopement Weddings


Wholesome Honeymoons

The emphasis on effectiveness and experience is another of the more entertaining current wedding trends. Couples are choosing to go straight to the honeymoon rather than hosting dozens, if not hundreds, of friends and family members.

Many modern brides and bridegrooms do not want to save up and blow money on guests as their parents did. Every penny is invested in the honeymoon experience rather than wasting it all on a party for everyone else. This begins with a low-key ceremony overseas, followed by unrestrained indulgence in leisure and tourist pursuits.

Paris Honeymoon Destination Idea
Paris Honeymoon Destination Idea
Jamaica as a honeymoon destination
Jamaica as a honeymoon destination

Eco-friendly Weddings

Think potted plants, locally sourced florals, and food. One of the main reasons couples want to plan an eco-friendly ceremony is because they consider the potential ecological impact their wedding may have. The good news is that there are now more eco-friendly wedding options available than ever before thanks to a large number of wedding businesses, venues, and providers. You will not lack choices when organizing your eco-friendly wedding, from farm-to-table food selections to recycled paper invitations.

After you get a venue for your eco-friendly wedding, make sure to work with local food vendors that can source local food so you don’t have to add to large shipping and transportation issues.

Eco Friendly wedding ideas
Eco-friendly wedding ideas

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses and Fashion

An important part of a wedding is fashion. Each season, new wedding styles for everything from the bridal gown to the bridesmaid dresses appear. This wedding season, we will see fashion take center stage with everything from pantsuits to one-shoulder gowns to two-piece wedding dresses.

Two-piece Wedding Dresses

Bridal two-piece wedding dresses are gaining popularity fast! These modern reception styles for weddings make it easy for the bride to transform her look from the ceremony to the reception.

With a continued increase in elopements/destination weddings, micro-weddings, and casual-chic civil ceremonies, most brides are looking for styles that suit their modern, minimalist styles.

Many designers are also getting creative with the two-pieces by offering nice two-piece corset dresses, pantsuits, and bridal trousers.

Two Piece Wedding Dresses
Two Piece Wedding Dresses

Puffy Sleeves

Old-fashion puffy sleeves are gaining popularity so fast that manufacturers and wedding dress retailers are in short supply.

Puffy sleeves off shoulder wedding dresses
Puffy sleeves off-shoulder wedding dresses

Corset Dresses

Corsets are a historical fashion trend but a modern way to sculpt your look. Most wedding themes that embrace this trend tend to lean towards female empowerment and high fashion.

Corset wedding dresses
Corset wedding dresses


A wedding trend that is slowly going out of fashion is having bridesmaids wearing dresses that have matching designs. Most brides want their bridesmaids to think out of the box and get creative with their attire. Bridesmaids plan to take advantage by wearing classy jumpsuits that match the wedding theme.

Bridesmaids Wedding Jumpsuit
Bridesmaids Wedding Jumpsuit Ideas

First Dance Alternatives

In the first dance, couples would romantically sway around the dancefloor as guests looked on. Perhaps with the COVID-19 restrictions, couples realized that they do not need it anymore, while others opt to have it their way. The thought of slow dancing for several minutes while guests look on is torturous.

Many couples opt to hire dance video dance games which also allow them to have their guests participate in these dances. Others just have fun on the dancefloor.

First Look

Couples have adopted the ‘first look’ tradition. Here, you break with tradition and schedule a quiet moment with your photographer to meet each other before the ceremony instead of adhering to the custom of not seeing one other before the ceremony.

You may really enjoy the moment without having to share it with anybody else, and the resulting photos will be unbelievably moving. This concept of staying apart before the ceremony looks more and more out of date by the minute as couples protest patriarchal wedding customs.

On D-day, these unfiltered reactions are precious and usually captured on camera for future generations. Each couple has the choice to decide whether they want to see each other for the first time in the aisle or at the first look.

Pets, Mates of Honor, and Groomsmaid

Couples are actually opting to have wedding ceremonies that reflect their actual friendship groups rather than the gender-specific groups that are the archaic ‘norm’. Brides can have their mates of honor while grooms opt for groomsmaids especially when they are long-term friends. Others have their pets play an integral part in their ceremonies by having them carry the rings.

pets being involved in wedding ceremonies
pets being involved in wedding ceremonies

Gift Lists

Most couples want to be intentional with their wedding plans. We all know that everyone brings a present to a wedding, therefore, taboos surrounding asking for gift lists are slowly going away. A gift list simplifies the process for both couples and guests, is secure, and is a wonderful way to surround oneself with day-of memories.

Grooms Wear

Grooms wear is no longer left for last-minute plans. Statement suits and bold colors are gaining popularity as grooms embrace being part of wedding plans and wearing their favorite colors. I am totally for fun formal looks.

Grooms wedding outfit ideas
Grooms wedding outfit ideas


Yes! We are definitely making anni-ceptions a trend. Many couples choose to have smaller wedding celebrations during the year of postponements, downsizing, and virtual wedding ceremonies. The anni-ceptions came to life, promising a bigger gathering later.

While this trend has come about due to the lockdown, I can definitely see it continuing for some years. Couples that were locked out of big wedding parties and ceremonies had destination or elopement weddings or micro weddings may decide to have an anni-ception.


Over the past few years, brides have been more and more supportive of speeches.  Guests are given the chance to say a few words about the newlyweds’ thanks to the growing popularity of popcorn speeches (take a number and pop up when it’s your turn), which may be seen at smaller weddings.

It’s interesting to watch where wedding trends are headed next because they are constantly evolving. While certain wedding trends fade into insignificance over time, others endure. These are the trends I believe would be wonderful for your wedding. However, as usual, what you and your spouse prefer is what matters. It’s your day, done your way. Always.

Stephanie is a Kenyan-based freelance content writer. She offers ghostwriting and article/content writing services. On most days, you will find her working as a freelance virtual assistant working on client articles, social media management, and more. She writes on a variety of topics such as business, health, beauty, and many more, but most importantly she is always ready to learn and write on different subjects.

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