Color of their clothes is certainly among the most important rules. Which colors to wear, and which to avoid?
Throughout the past century, the pencildress was considered a bit stuck up, a dress only made for work that rarely looks good on anybody. But, designers changed that.
Just picture rustic, bohemian gorgeous autumn colors, with all the autumn fruits...a true romantic setting.
Black tie weddings are very glamorous and elegant. And with that, there is a certain dress code you need to uphold.
It is not rare that women are unhappy with their body or with their dress, but maybe the reason for that is not knowing their own body type.
Cocktail attire is a balance between formal and casual and elegant and comfortable. 
We will leave the grayness and darker colors behind us and we'll replace them with cheerful and playful summer colors.
If you love black and you feel  great wearing it, there is really no reason to give it up. 
Spring is the perfect season for weddings and light, floral, airily and romantic dresses.