10 Trendy Black Tie Wedding Guest Dresses for Every Budget

Black tie weddings are very glamorous and elegant. And with that, there is a certain dress code you need to uphold. Black tie weddings are the ones that guests tend to worry the most.


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What to wear? What is appropriate and what is not? In our previous article we wrote some pointers on how to dress. Black tie is a very complicated way of dressing up as there are a lot of rules that you need to follow.

Embroidered Tulle A-line Midi Formal Party Dress High Waist

This light pink dress is very romantic, don't you think? When going to a black tie wedding, you don't need to give up on romantic style. Gorgeous long sleeves, accented waist and emroidered details will definitely leave everyone speechless.

How to wear it: Combine this dress with gentle details. We recommend high heels and a purse in popular nude color. Then, very elegant earrings. Lift your hair into a bun to achieve an even more elegant look.

Price: $109.50

Beautiful Red Dress

Red dresses can sometimes be problematic. They can be seen as frivolous and not suited for this type of event. But not this one, it is simply perfect! Design of this dress is gorgeous. Sleeves, embroidered details on the waist and beads make this dress so desireable and beautiful. Dress is made from high quality materials and will satisfy even the biggest critics.

How to wear it: Since the dress is in pretty intense red color, we recommen details that will soothe it. High black shoes, subtle and decent jewelry and make up paired with a simple black pure will look phenomenal.

Price: $105

Gold Dress

Gold has always been a color that we love to see on formal events. Just picture yourself wearing it, you would look like a million dollars, right? This dress has embroidered details and beads on the upper part, while the lower part is simple and minimal.

How to wear it: Best color to combine this dress with is nude. We know that instinctively you would go for metallic gold details, but no, that's going to pass on a black tie dress code. Opt for nude shoes and purse, lift your hair and have a minimal make up in order to give your dress a chance to shine even more.


Embroidery Tulle Dress

Elegance above all! This dress is quite romantic, elegant but at the same time it perfectly follows the dress code. Gentle colors, beads and embroidery really makes this at first simple cut look more fresh. Dress is made from high quality materials and will look great on all body types.

How to wear it: We recommend combining this dress with gentle colors. Blush pink goes great with light blue, so we suggest getting shoes and purse in that color. Also, you can do your make up in that shade as well. You can lightly curl you hair.

Price: $109

High Neck Dress

This yellow dress is perfection! There are so many gorgeous details on this dress that will take your breath away. high collar, lantern sleeves and beading make this dress look really special, and will guarantee you a lot of looks.

How to wear it: You must lift your hair when wearing this dress. Combine it with silver shoes and silver purse.


Black Elegant Dress

A black dress perfect for black tie wedding. This is a truly special dress. Combination of silver, black and blue looks really enchanting. There are metallic lining going throughout the dress which makes it really trendy. A very modern and fresh design contained in an elegant style. It is also perfect for all body types.

How to wear it: Metallic lining and silver color are what makes this dress special. Try to emphasize that with details such as silver stilettos and a dark blue purse. This dress reminds us of autumn night, moon and moonlight. And that is the theme we would love to play with. Earrings with moon or star shapes, slightly curled hair, smoky eyes and nude lips.  

Price:$ 107.34

Dark Red Dress

Ruffles are always great when it comes to achieving a romantic style. This dress is made from combination of tulle and light beads which make this dress very formal. Dress looks very romantic and seductive, a perfect dress for weddings.

How to wear it: We recommend having a lot of details with this dress. Opt for silver purse and silver shoes. Lift your hair and put on stronger make up. But wear it all in moderation. As for jewelry, you should have earrings and bracelet.

Price: $107.34

Simple But Elegant

This dress has a very traditional cut that will look great on all body types. It is very refined and if perfect for both summer and winter weddings. Upper part of the dress is embroidered, and ruffles are added to emphasize the waist. Lower part is quite minimal and elegant.

How to wear it: We recommend combining this dress with trendy metallic shoes and a purse. Decorate your hair with a hairclip, and have a minimal make up. For jewelry, opt for earrings and bracelet.

Price: $72.50

Mermaid Dress

This is a very popular and trendy cut. Mermaid dresses do a great job accentuating your figure, and are perfect for hourglass body type. This dress comes in a gorgeous red color. It is decorated with ruffles that give that extra dimension to the dress.

How to wear it: combine it with high black shoes. Also pick black as the color for your purse. Wear decent, subtle jewelry and lift your hair to additionally emphasize your dress.

Price: $66.55

A-line Polka Dot Dress

Polka dot is a timeless pattern that always comes back. We could probably say that it never really went away. This dress is made in that pattern and has a gorgeous v neck and ruffle sleeves.

How to wear it: Wear this dress on nude sandals and a red purse. As for the jewelry, we recommend necklace and earrings.

Price: $62.75






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