9 Summer Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100 for Casual Wedding Reception

Summer and casual really go hand in hand, right? We really can't imagine black and white dress codeduring summer. What it's really about is relaxed vibe, being carefree, lots of colors and light materials. Pure perfection!

girl in dress

Photo: Michelle Leman

Have you been invited to sa summer casual wedding? You're excited and can't wait to have a wonderful time. But, soon after that initial excitement, wondering about what to wear on a casual wedding will occupy your mind. Have a budget of around 100$? Then we have great news for you. Casual weddings are perfect for that budget and you can wear an outfit in which you will feel and look great as well.

Floral Print

Floral print has always been a true summer trend! When warmer days arrive, we automatically pull out floral print dresses out of our closets. These dresses are very easy going, light and comfortable. In 2021, floral print is still going strong, and floral print dresses are on everyone's wishlists.


Photo: Tara Winstead

White Floral Print Sleeveless Dress

Although this dress comes in white color, don't let that discourage you. The print itself is what lifts up this dress, and you won't violate any dress code. It is a sleeveless midi dress with polo collar. It has beautiful light pink flowers with green leaves that give it a dose of freshness, lavishness and elegance. Gorgeous addition comes in a form of waist belt, which will emphasize your waist and make you very seductive.

white dress

Price of this dress is $65.87

A-line Summer Dress

Butterfly sleeves are back in style! They are very elegant, lavish and make every dress even more prettier. This gorgeous blue dress has equally gorgeous floral print on it. Although the usual practice is to combine blue with silver and other colder tones, this time we will make an exception. Golden flowers are so beautifully accented on this dress that they are breathtaking. Because of this, we recommend combining this dress with gold sandals and other accessories.

blue dress

This dress has a price of $72.49

A-line Tulle Floral Embroidered Dress

We always recommend wearing color when it comes to casual summer weddings. After all, is there a more prettier combination than cheerful colors and flowers? This dress comes in a gorgeous apricot color. It is very cheerful, playful and its short sleeves and round neckline makes it unusual and special. If you're not sure how to wear it, we recommend red high heels. It's summer, so why not?

beautiful dress

This dress has price of $78.53

Cotton to be Carefree

Cotton is one of those materials that is just perfect for summer. As a natural fiber, it absorbs moisture and allows us to cool down faster. A lot of people wouldn't even think about wearing cotton to a wedding, but trust us, there are cotton dresses which are flawless, formal and just gorgeous. Wearing cotton, you will look great, and your skin will be quite thankful.


Photo: Cottonbro

A-line Frill Ruffle Dress

This gorgeous red dress is made of cotton. It has so many beautiful details which makes it hard for anyone to resist. Tie neckline, ruffle short sleeves...All of these are details that separate this dress from the masses. To wear this fantastic dress in all its glory, we recommend pairing it with vibrant sandals and floral purse. It will be an amazing combination of happy, casual and playful.

red dress

Price of this dress is $74.35

Summer Cotton Short Dress

Are you a person who likes minimalism, simplicity and cotton? Well, we have a perfect dress for you. This very elegant and minimal design is truly timeless, a pure classic. You will be able to wear this dress on weddings, dinners and other events. It is very versatile. Combination of black and emerald green looks very fresh and beautiful. Although a very simple dress, it has additions like basque weusra and puff sleeves. We recommend wearing it in combination with simple black sandals and black purse.

simple dress

Price is $61.50

Cotton Beading Dress

This dress is made from a combination of cotton and polyester. It has a gorgeous bertha collar, short sleeves and it is knee length. Along with those details, you will notice gorgeous beads on the upper part of this dress. This may be an unusual dress, but it is perfect for summer wedding. Combine its beautiful champagne color with golden tones.

beautiful dress

Price of this dress is $72.43

Boho Dresses

Bohemian dresses are very relaxed, casual, playful...well, we're sure that you have at least one in your closet so we don't have to describe them to you. When you picture a casual summer wedding we're certainly sure that these dresses are first that comes into your mind. An you're not wrong, they are perfect for that occasion; they are made from light materials, they have wide sleeves, prints, cheerful colors. And above all, they are relaxed and casual.  


Photo: Jonathan Borba

A-line Summer Mesh Long Dress

This dress is so beautiful that it is unreal. It comes in gorgeous pink color, embroidered flowers and a round neckline. It is a dress that will look great on all body types. To emphasize its bohemian note, we recommend to decorate your hair with braids or even a floral crown.


Price of this dress is $114.36

Red Tulle High Embroidered Dress

If you love red color, then this dress will be a right choice for you. This dress is filled with interesting details such as beads, embroidery, lace. We could say that its sole purpose is to be worn on summer weddings. You won't need to have a lot of details with this dress, only simple jewelry and a purse.

tulle dress

Price of this dress is $110

Floral Dress

Pink dresses are certainly one of the most sold. This dress has a gorgeous floral print in blush pink color. Along with print, it also has beads and layers, which makes it even more interesting. These layers will affect the elegance of a dress, making it more laid back. combine it with pink sandals and gold purse.

summer dress

Price is $60.78