Best 10 Pencil Wedding Guest Dresses Under $150: How To Style It

Throughout the past century, the pencildress was considered a bit stuck up, a dress only made for work that rarely looks good on anybody. But, designers changed that. They have made this dress a huge trend and a must have in every woman's wardrobe. Just take a look at celebrities, they love this cut. Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Megan Markle, the list could go on and on.

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A lot of women are worried about how to wear this dress and look modern instead of looking like their going to the office. If you are among them, take a look at our article. We are bringing you 10 fantastic pencil dresses with tips on how to wear them and they are all price below $150

Shoulder Strap Square Neck Dress

We could say that this is a cut that everyone loves. Dress comes in moss color, it is very tight and has a midi length. It gorgeously accentuates your curves, it will make your waist look really thin and we mustn't forget about the square neckline. It is simply beautiful!

How to style it:

Moss is a very trendy color that goes great with gold. If you combine this gorgeous dress with gold stilettos and gold jewelry, dress will really come to the fore and shine. For a more modern look, we recommend a purse in the same color as the dress.

Price of this dress is 55.80

Pink Dress

If you love pencil dresses but also unusual designs, don't worry, we got you covered! Gorgeous petal sleeves are what gives this dress its wow effect. Who is still saying that pencil dresses are boring? On the waist there is a beaded black detail and it will beautifully emphasize your waist.

How to style it:

Since this dress is in pink with a black details, we will combine it with high black sandals and a dark pink purse. Jewelry should be subtle and gentle, as well as your make up. Pink color goes great with gentle details, so make sure to play with those. Because there is a beaded detail on the waist, we wouldn't recommend adding any more beaded details.

Price of the dress is  $62.50

Romantic Pencil Dress

Turquoise color is very trendy and it looks great on this seductive and elegant dress. This dress requires curves to accentuate them. It has a trendy detail like the shoulder bow and small beadings decorating the dress throughout.

How to style it:

Since this dress has silver and white beads, it would be best to combine it with silver color. High heels and an unusual purse will stand out the best in this outfit. Because of a high neckline we suggestto lift your hair and put pink lipstick on.

Price is $75.50


Photo: Wong Jeremy

Rust Dress

Want to feel seductive? Then you shoulde definitely choose rust color. This dress is made in a very unusual stlye. It has a very interesting cross wrap that makes it quite unique. It has a midi length and a small side slit.

How to style it:

Rustcolor goes phenomenal with gold, brown and black. For this case, we would go with gold. High gold sandals and small minimal purse also in gold. Why minimal? We don't want to divert attention from your gorgeous dress. Lift your hair into a bun and accentuate your lips with red lipstick. Jewelry should also be gold.

Price of this dress is $83.19

Simple but Cute

Love simplicity and don't want to overdo it with details? Then you should opt for this super cute dress. It is made entirely from lace in a beautiful blush pink color. It also has a very simple round neckline.

How to style it:

Wear this dress on nude shoes and purse. You can lift your hair, or let it loose and adorn it with curls. Jewelry should also be subtle. Simple pearl earring and bracelet will make this outfit very captivating.

Dress is priced at $149.75

Short Sleeve Dress

A lot of women are insecure about their arms and that's why they often opt for short sleeve dresses. This one has very nice sleeves and a boat neckline. It is in gold color and has gorgeous details. It is decorated with beads that are simply breathtaking. If you thought that it's just a regular dress, you were wrong.

How to style it:

We will combine this dress with black sandals and beaded purse. With the purse we will achieve that wow effect. Combining pencil dress with other details is very important because if you don't choose the right ones, you can end up looking like you're going to the office. Wear gorgeous earrings and bracelet. Make up should accent your eyes with darker tones and lipstick should be in nude color.

Price of this dress is $58.05

Purple Dress

Purple color is very elegant and refined. Dress is made in a way that it looks like you're wearing a blouse and a high pencil skirt. Upper part has a gorgeous floral print and waist is very emphasized.

How to style it:

Wear nude shoes and a black purse. Lift your haur in a bun and have minimal make up and jewelry.

Price of this dress is: $71.56

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Vintage Dress

If you love the history and the way Jackie Kennedy dressed, then this dress is the right choice for you. It has a very vintage style and it comes in gorgeous pink color combined with white and it also has buttons and pockets. This dress will look great on everybody, and trust us, you won't be unnoticed wearing it.

How to style it:

We recommend wearing this dress with white stilettos and a white purse. You can blow dry your hair straight and put a headband or you can lift it in a bun. To avoid having a barbie look, we recommend neutral make up with nude lips.

Price is $64

Ruffle Pencil Dress

This is a very classical cut with details that flatter your figure. Ruffles in the waist and lace in the upper part make this dress quite elegant. Dress comes in unusual agave color which makes this cut even more interesting.

How to style it:

Wear the dress with high sandals and a dark blue purse. Combine it with silver jewelry and lifted hair.

Price of the dressis $72.50

Blue and White Dress

This dress has a lovely structure and very unusual design. It is made in combination of blue and white and it is perfect for weddings. One part of the dress is made like a coat and other like a classic dress, and by combining those two we got this amazing dress!

How to style it:

Wear the dress on dark blue stilettos and silver purse. Make up should be simple and lips should be accentuated with pink lipstick. Jewelry should also be silver and hair should be in a high ponytail.

Price is $74.74