Best 10 Wedding Guest Dresses For Your Body Shape- Hourglass, Rectangle & Pear

It is very important to know which body shape you are. When you know that information, then you will never have problems with choosing the right outfit and looking good. We often dress ourselves in the wrong way which is why our clothes don't fit us the way we'd like to. So, you're preparing for a wedding, we're sure that you're already searching for a perfect outfit.


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But, before you do that, maybe you should  put your body shape into consideration and find a perfect dress that way. When choosing a dress, it is important to feel good, emphasize advantages and hide some imperfections in order to look amazing. It is not rare that women are unhappy with their body or with their dress, but maybe the reason for that is not knowing their own body type.


Pear body shape is stronger in the hips. They are wider than waist and bust, and lower part of the body is stronger than the upper part. Pear is the most common body type. If you have that body type, try wearing clothes that emphasizes the upper part. Dresses that put emphasis on the shoulders, sweetheart and V necklines will look great on you. Dresses should be A cut. It is also good to play with colors. Choose dresses with colorful upper parts and slightly darker lower part. This way, all of the attention will be on the upper part of your body.


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Formal Long Sleeve A-line Dress

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This single color dress will look great on you. Also, V neck will divert attention from your hips. This neckline is everything but ordinary, you can notice how much attention went into details like scalloped neckline. Dress is made from top quality lace with very nice detailing.

Long Sleeve A-line Pleated Dress Tea Length

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This dress is perfect for pear body shape. Take a look at how the upper part is narrow and has a lovely neckline, while the lower part is very lavish, light and breezy. And that pleated lower perfectly covers the hips and the upper part emphasizes your arms and nice neckline.

A-line Lace Embroidered Dress

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Dusty sage is a very modern color which looks great on everyone. This A cut dress is made from very luxurious lace. As we already said, A cut looks great on pear body shape. Although the dress doesn't have a V or sweetheart neckline, it is narrow in the upper and wider in the lower part which is great for this body type.


This body shape is considered to be the most ideal. People with this body shape have a balanced figure, their body is very proportional with a very defined waist. If you have this body shape, then you can wear basically everything and it will look great. Just avoid baggier models, wear tight dresses as well as tighter clothes to accent your flawless figure. You also don't need to pay much attention to colors, you can wear cheerful colors and playful prints. If you opt either for skirts or pants, make sure their high waist, it will accent your body even more.

Cross Wrap Off Shoulder Dress

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This gorgeous red dress is very tight and models like this will fit great on hourglass body type. Great detail on this dress is its unusual upper part that will surely separate you from the crown and make you unique.

Summer Trumpet Sleeve Mermaid Dress

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This beautiful pink dress also has unusual details. Trumper sleeve will emphasize your arms and mermaid detail your hips and legs. You can combine this dress with high sandals and pink purse.

Summer Contrast Irregular Dress

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This pencil dress has a very trendy and modern cut. If you have an hourglass body shape, it will look phenomenal on you. Contrast colors on the dress will additionally emphasize your figure. Really, only hourglass body shape is good for this dress. As for the colors, blue and white combination on this dress is perfect for summer weddings, and whole combination can be rounded up with silver stilettos and purse, with a high pony tail.


This body shape has a straight waist, small breasts, and we could say, a very boyish build. It is important to play with clothes when it comes to this body shape so you can fix imperfections with your clothing. You can opt for clothes that will emphasize your waist and build up your curves using clothing pieces. Wondering how? You can use ruffles to accent your upper body, use lavish models and asymmetric details. Always use a band around your waist, also wear tighter skirts or pants to elongate your figure. A cut dresses look great on this body shape, too. They accent the waist, especially short dresses.


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Summer Floral Dress

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Pencil dress is perfect for this body type. But first, let's start with contrast color. Upper part is made in print which perfectly accents your neckline. Then dress continues in pencil skirt with very high waist. This will make your body curvy in case you don't have them. Add only nice jewelry and high heels and your combination is done!

Sheath Contrast Knee Dress

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This dress is made to look like you're wearing a shirt and a dress. White upper part reminds us of shirts. It is accented with ruffles, which this body type really needs. Lower part is made in gorgeous green color with a very high waist. And let's not forget about this cute belt decorated with a bow. A truly perfect outfit for weddings.

Long Sleeve Mermaid Midi Dress  

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Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles! Details that immensely helps this body type. Ruffles on this dress are gorgeous, lavish and elegant. Upper part is decorated with ruffles which remind us of roses. Lower part is decorated with a single ruffle that will emphasize your legs. Wear this dress with high heels and lifted hair.

Summer Mermaid Lace Dress

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Yellow is a true summer color. And we have to say, it looks great on everyone. So does this dress, which is made from high quality lace. Unusual sleeves, accented waist...We recommend combining it with sandals and a nice purse.


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