Do's And Don'ts Of Wedding Guest Dress Shopping - 10 Must–Read Tips

When invited to a wedding, we often worry about what to wear. There are several factor we need to consider. Location and time of the wedding and its theme. Some weddings have a defined dress code, while some don't have one at all. But, there is a certain dress which we all know and most of us follow.


Photo: Emma Bauso

Weddings are a truly special, joyous and overall happy event. But, a lot of people might not feel that way and the reason is the dress code. What is expected of them? How to dress appropriately? How to shine? What is something that they shouldn't wear? On all of these questions, and more, we'll give answers below.  

Think About the Location and the Weather

First, we need to start everything with the location. Location is a very significant factor and we will adjust our outfit according to it. If the wedding is being held in a place with warmer climate and possibly in the open, then it implies that we'll be wearing a dress made from lighter materials and also has colors. In case the wedding is indoors, like a hotel or a restaurant, then a somewhat more formal and glamorous look is desired.

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Try and think hard about the location before heading out to buy your outfit, it will make everything easier. Also, it is very important to take weather into consideration. Can you imagine if someone came to a wedding held in the winter wearing a summer dress? Pretty inappropriate, right? Pay attention to materials as well. Summer materials are light and breezy, while winter materials are more thicker and harder.

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Do Not Wear White

White color is strictly forbidden! Unless the newlyweds made a dress code which includes white outift, then it's ok. But in all other cases, white dress is reserved for the bride. Everything that might take the attention from her is not allowed. It's her day and she should be in the center of attention. You should even avoid ivory, blush pink and champagne color. These colors are similar to white, and you can often see brides wearing dresses in those colors.

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Do Not Wear Jeans

As much as this being known and clear to you and everyone else, there are still people that will arrive to a wedding wearing jeans and sneakers. This is something that is really not allowed and it is frowned upon. Just imagine such a formal event, where everybody came looking their best and then you come around in your jeans and sneaker. As much as you love your jeans, leave them in your closet this time.

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Decent is Good

Trendy short dresses with deep necklines should be put aside for a party or a club. At the wedding, dress code is always formal, elegant and glamorous. Showing off too much skin  will leave a totally opposite impression. Stick to nice dresses that accent your figure but don't reveal much.

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Find out if the Wedding has a Theme or a Specific Dress Code

These days, a lot of newlyweds love to set a theme for their wedding. And with a theme, there is a certain dress code to uphold. For example, if the wedding is boho themed, it is assumed that you will be encouraged to wear a nice airily dress that will fit the theme. If the invitation doesn't mention a theme or a dress code, don't hesitate to ask newlyweds about it. Better safe than sorry.

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No matter if there is a dress code or not, comfort always comes in the first place. Have that in mind when choosing your outfit. You will spend the entire day wearing those shoes and dress, and your priority should be to feel good and be comfortable. Also, make sure that your dress is made from quality fabrics, as well as your shoes being comfortable and fitting perfectly. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable footwear when you want to dance and a dress made from cheap materials in which you sweat.

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Check the Weather Forecast

Trust us, it is important! Check the weather forecast at least a week before the wedding. It often happens that women get ready for a warm sunny day, and then a rain completely catches them off guard. Sandals and rain do not go well together at all. Also, for a winter wedding, it is important to know how cold will it get. 5°C and -5°C are not the same.

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Find out Which Color are the Bridesmaids Dresses

Bride has surely put a lot of effort and thought into which dress color will ther bridesmaids have. And it should be respected. Find out which color will bridesmaids dresses be, and avoid wearing that color.

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Choose Nice Bold Details

When planning out your outfit, all of the attention is focused on the dress. But, this time, pay attention to details. They can make a lot of difference. Even the most simple dress can be made special and unique if you accessorize it with nice jewelry. But, make sure that if you wear a bold necklace to not wear bold earrings. After all, moderation is a virtue.

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Black Tie Wedding

If your wish is to wear a long, formal and elegant black dress, then make sure that you wear it to a black tie wedding. That type of dress is reserved only for those kind of weddings. Just imagine a summer beach wedding and here you come wearing a glamorous long dress with stilettos. Doesn't look good, right? Only wear those dresses on black tie weddings.

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Also, when attending a black tie wedding, wear a gorgeous long dress, subtle and decent jewelry and lift your hair. Make up is also very important. Stick to the "less is more" principle. If you emphasize your eyes too much, make sure that the rest of the make up is minimal. Same goes for the red lipstick, if you opt for it, eveything else should be minimal.

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