Trending: Top Wedding Guest Dress Colors for 2021 Summer Wedding

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Summer is the perfect season for introducing colors to your wardrobe! If you've been invited to a wedding, then it's time to carefully select your dress for the event, right? We will leave the grayness and darker colors behind us and we'll replace them with cheerful and playful summer colors. High fashion presented this summer in vibrant and happy colors in which we'll all shine. So, what colors will we wear on summer of 2021? Continue reading to find out.



Pink is definitely a favorite when it comes to summer clothing. If you're a guest on a wedding, it would be very nice to make a memorable appearance by wearing this vibrant color. Just remember the Legally Blonde movie. Pink looks good on anybody and it will look even more charming if you combine it with other colors and patterns. 

Pencil Midi Dress

This dress is made of gorgeous lace and has very formal but romantic look. It looks very nice on taller women. When combining, you can play around with colors. We recommend a floral print purse and blue stilettos. This way you will get a playful and modern combination. Since the dress has a high neckline we recommend to lift your hair and put on some nice earrings.

pink dress

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Short Dress

This short dress will look great on petite girls. It has gorgeous short sleeves and is in a line style. Upper part is decorated with stripes which really gives it an interesting look. It would be great to combine it with high heels in rose gold color and purse in same color. Interesting, fresh and modern, right?

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Can it get more happier than yellow? Yellow is a color that returns every year, it is a trend that makes summer, it just wouldn't be the same without it. Very vibrant and cheerful. It reminds us of sunshine and lemon ice cream. If you're not sure how to combine it, it is very easy, trust us. With addition on cheerful colors or metallic accessories, yellow will shine even more brighter.

Dress With Feathers

Wow! Feathers are just a wonderful addition to any dress. It looks very modern and elegant, don't you agree? This dress has a round neckline, natural waist and angel sleeve. The lower part is made in mermaid style. Along with feathers, dress is filled with details like ruffles and beading. Combine it with black high heels and black purse. That way, all of the attention will be on this unforgettable dress.

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Ruffle Sleeve Dress

We just love dresses that have that special something. Which makes them different. And this dress has that. Cowl neckline, ruffles, pencil skirt, knee length. Can it get any better? Probably not. You can combine this gorgeous dress with gold color to emphasize its drama. Gold shoes and purse with jewelry will completely round up the whole combination.

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Yellow and White Dress

Combination of materials looks very nice, especially with this dress. It feels like you've combined a gorgeous white blouse with high waist skirt. This dress has a style that is both modern and fresh and looks like you made extra effort, and that is always a plus, right? Dress is made from combination of colors and materials. Upper part is made of lace and lower from gorgeous silk. Combination of those two gives out a very romantic and formal look. We recommend combining it with nude sandals and yellow purse.

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Is there any color that reminds you more of summer like turquoise does? This will be a hit color of summer 2021! It will be combined with floral prints and metallic shades. If you're not sure which color to choose, we recommend this one. Refreshing, gorgeous and soothing, just perfect!

A Line Dress

This dress is inspired by past times. It has beautiful details that make it really special. Neckline is decorated with a sailor styled bow and sleeves are 3/4 length. Combine the dress with details in white or silver color. If you're not sure how to style your hair, we recommend to have it lifted up.

Blue dress

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Silk Dress

These at a first glance simple dresses have always been favorite among women. And with a reason! They look amazing on everyone. Simple cut, nice length and quality material. What more do you need, right? This dress has a gorgeous color with addition of white in the waist which emphasizes it perfectly. But, combining this dress won't be easy. If you want a romantic combination, opt for accessories with floral print. But if you wish for a more classic and minimal look, nude shoes and a matching purse will look perfect.

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Red color is a true classic. When you're not sure which color to wear, and you don't want black, majority of women will opt for red. And it is a great choice since it is one of the 2021 trends. It looks really good on everyone, it is energetic, seductive and really special. When choosing red dresses, go for ones with details and that are made of quality materials to make it stand out more. When wearing a red dress, accessories should be subtle and let dress be in the focus.

V Neck Dress

This dress is made from a high quality material. It is also made in a very elegant and refined way, and it is at the same time modern and timeless. A very interesting cut is embellished with pearls, and the it has knee length. It is a length that is perfect for special occasions such as weddings. Gorgeous V neckline will look great on everyone, it will emphasize your whole figure and make it seductive. Combine it with black sandals and black purse. 

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Maxi Dress

Long dresses have always been a first choice for all ladies who are heading to a wedding. They are elegant, refined and romantic. And this dress is no exception. It is made from gorgeous airily material which give it a very free flowing look. It is decorated with embroidered flowers and pearls. This is a truly romantic dress. Combine it with high gold sandals and gold purse. We recommend to lift your hair and round up the whole combination with earrings.

red dress

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