Wedding Guest Attire: Can You Wear Black Dress to a Wedding

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio 

Got invited to a wedding? Are you thinking what to wear? Maybe a black dress? Is black the color in which you feel most comfortable and you like the way you look while wearing it? Have all your answers been YES? If so, then you're probably a little worried about wearing it to a wedding, right? Because it is known that wearing black, as well as white, as a wedding guest is a big no (unless the bride and groom stated otherwise). So, don't despair because we are bringing you tips on how to wear black on a wedding and look chic. You will look so good that no one will hold it against you.


 Simple Black

If you love black and you feel  great wearing it, there is really no reason to give it up. Although, some fashion codes say that is not really a good idea to wear it on a wedding. You will have to be careful when choosing a black dress for this occasion. Make sure that if your black dress is simple you bring in some elements that will make it more fun and seductive. All these details will make the whole combination modern, so much so that it will excite everyone.


Cut Out Short Sleeve Dress

When choosing a black color for a wedding, make sure to pick up some special details to make it special. On this dress, cut out short sleeves are that detail that make this dress more interesting. Sleeves have decorative beading which further contributes to the modern and fresh look. If you go with this dress, combine it with metallic silver stilettos and purse in same color, you will look very modern and chic.


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Cape Collar Dress

Ruffles, beading and cape collar are elements that will always make the dress more interesting. This dress is very elegant and modern. It is knee length and is perfect for weddings. To make it even more interesting we recommend large earrings and dark red stilettos. Purse should have floral print. This ways you will spice up the whole outfit.

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V  Neck Dress

This is a very modern and interesting dress, and will look great on absolutely anybody. If you take a closer look, it seems like it's made from two parts: a top and a skirt. The peplum part makes it really interesting, right? We recommend high heels with this dress and don't forget metallic purse. Perfect, right?

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Short Dress

Short dresses are a perfect choice for weddings, regardless their black color. This dress has a very interesting neckline, Jabot collar and short sleeves that look fantastic. But that is not all, along with its interesting upper part, we also have equally interesting lower part. This addition of red color makes the dress really special. Combine it with red sandals and red purse for extra effect.

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Slit Cross Neckline Dress

A very interesting slit neckline, don't you agree? This is a very refined and elegant dress, just perfect for weddings. It is knee length and embellished with details like belt, pearls and slit. Combine it with silver stilettos and silver purse.

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Black Dress With a Twist

Black dress can look beautiful and refined even when made from combination of materials or prints. If the wedding you're attending has a strict policy on black color, you can always find a way to incorporate black into your outfit. Black with floral print has been a big trend in the last few years, as well as dots print. This ways, your outfit will follow the dress code while you'll be looking flawless in your favorite color.


Floral Dress

Is there anyone who doesn't love floral print? It looks so light, romantic and carefree. This dress is all that with its floral print on black background, it has quite a romantic feel to it. Combine it with pink sandals and pink purse. Can you even imagine how cute this outfit will look? Everybody will absolutely love it!


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Swan Dress

If you're a fan of vintage design, and if you also love swans, then get ready for this dress, because it will blow you away! It has a round neckline, short sleeves and is made in black and white combination. And it has a gorgeous swan print all around it. So romantic! It also has a red belt around the waist, and because of that we would recommend red sandals and red lipstick to even out the whole outfit.


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Lace and Flowers

Lace and flowers are always a great choice. This dress is exactly that, made from lace and with floral print. This way it has achieved a romantic and elegant look. Neckline has a classic round style, and sleeves have a modern lotus style to them. Dress is also rich in ruffle details. We recommend nude sandals and nude purse to go with it.

floral dress

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Dots are a timeless classic, they have been decorating dresses for centuries. If you love black, then dots will be a perfect way to play around and make this color pop. Dress is made in a very romantic way. Butterfly sleeves, fish tail and belt are details that make the dress more interesting. Wear it with gold shoes.

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 A line Dress

A line dresses have always been favorite among women. They beautifully accent curves, they are romantic , feminine and very comfortable. Subtle floral print and airily material make this dress ideal for spring weddings. Wonder how to combine it? To further accent this romantic dress, we recommend shoes and purse in fuchsia color. Make up should be minimal, except the lips where you will apply fuchsia lipstick. Trust us, you will look gorgeous!


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