What Colors You Can't Wear To A 2021 Wedding: 7 Colors to Avoid

A wedding is definitely among the most happiest moments in life of any person. That day when two persons marry, there is no one more happy than they are. So it goes without saying that the bride and the groom are the center of attention, and it should stay that way.


Because of that, there are some written and unwritten rules that, by following them, wedding guests can contribute to the wedding in the best way possible. Color of their clothes is certainly among the most important rules. Which colors to wear, and which to avoid?


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White is a color that you absolutely can't wear at a wedding! Brides traditionally wear white, and wedding dresses have always been more than that. They represent purity and innocence. There is an interesting history fact that white wedding dresses have only started to be worn during the rule of English queen Victoria. Queen Victoria wore a white dress on her wedding day and after that, every bride also wanted to wear a white dress. And since then, white color was reserved for the bride to wear.

Instead of white, you can opt for pink dress. This pink dress is very romantic and very elegant at the same time. Combine it with gold stilettos and a gold purse. Make up should be minimal with an addition of pink lipstick.


This color is very similar to white and it is another color very popular in 2021. Designers have introduced champagne color into their wedding dress collections and we have to admit that they look phenomenal. Brides who are not a real fan of white often opt for colors similar to white, and champagne is the perfect alternative. This color is mostly picked out by brides that love trends. It also looks great on tanned girls as it perfectly accentuates their complexion.

Instead of champagne, you can go with gold color. Gold dresses look amazing while being quite different from champagne color. This gold dress has gorgeous sleeves and neckline. It beautifully accentuates the figure and will look great on any body shape. We mustn't forget about very lovely additions like beads and embroidery.


Although a lot of girls really loves red, maybe we should avoid wearing it on weddings. If you're attending a Chinese or Indian wedding, brides will usually wear red there, because it represents good luck in China. White, on the other hand, is considered as a color of grief throughout Asia, only in Japan is considered as a color of purity and innocence. But that all depends from wedding to wedding since there are more and more brides in China that opt for a white wedding dress. In the rest of the world, red is often worn on weddings, but make sure to wear a slightly darker tone so you don't attract all of the attention on yourself.

Choose a dark red tone which will be a perfect choice for the wedding. This has some gorgeous details on itself. It is completely made of lace and that gives it a very rich and elegant look. You won't need a lot of accessories for this dress, only minimal jewelry with some black shoes and a purse.


As we already wrote in some of our previous articles, when buying a dress you should never choose the same color as the bridesmaids. Ask the bride or find out from friends which color will the bridesmaids have. Buy the dress you like only when you find out this information. And you should do that, as it shows respect to the bride who certainly spend a lot of time searching for bridesmaid dresses. You also won't look like you're trying to impose yourself and be somewhere where bride didn't intend you to be.

If you're not sure which dress to choose, we recommend this gorgeous floral print dress. Very modern, simple and breathtaking at the same time. Dress comes in a light blue color with beautiful gold flowers. Combine the dress with golden details. Just picture it with gold sandals, purse and jewelry, just stunning, right?


Although neon colors are very fun, just remember that you're not going to a festival or clubbing. Neon colors are definitely not suited for weddings. Not only would you attract a lot of attention, it wouldn't be positive either.

Replace a neon dress with this golden one. This cut is quite trending in the 2021, and trust us, everyone loves it. It beautifully accents the curves, but in a very elegant way. Dress has a V neckline and a gorgeous back slit. Combine it with dark green shoes and a purse to complete the look.


Leave your glitter dresses for New Years eve. We're sure that you have a gorgeous dress in your closet that can't wait for you to wear it somewhere special. And in case you're thinking about taking it to a wedding, DON'T! Glitter dresses are definitely not suitable for weddings (unless newlyweds demand differently), so leave them in your closet until the end of December.

Instead of glitter, opt for some simpler colors. Choose this gorgeous dress in purple color. Purple is perfect for weddings. We don't even need to tell you how easy is to combine with. Choose floral print sandals and a pink purse to achieve a very fresh and fun look.


Yes, we know, you look your best when wearing black. This color is certainly among the favorites of every woman. And we know that you have a small black dress in your closet. But, when attending a wedding, it is advisable to wear any color except black. Dark colors are not the most ideal option for weddings.

But if you really wish to wear a darker color to a wedding, then we suggest dark blue. Dark blue is a very lovely, refined and simple color. It is among the most favorite colors, and for a reason, too.  Opt for this refined dress with very simple lines that will look great on your body.

Combine it with interesting silver shoes and silver purse to achieve a more modern and interesting look.


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