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Turtleneck Wool Black Sweater Check Skirt Two Piece Set

Summer A-line Dot Tulle Dress

To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” – Marc Jacobs 

So, you’re going to be a wedding guest – congratulations! Someone wants to share the best day of their life with you. How exciting. 


And you were probably thinking the same thing before you asked yourself, “what am I going to wear?!”


And with that, like many wedding guests before you, you realized the honor came with great responsibility and even more dress-appropriate rules. This realization hits especially hard if you want to add a little personality to the dressing process and sport a unique wedding guest dress.


But worry not; we’ve got you covered. As wedding guest dress connoisseurs, we know exactly how to play the rules. What works and what doesn’t is our specialty. So we know just how you can stand out spectacularly yet fit in casually and all in style. 


The secret? Picking the right dress.


Which is precisely what we’ve done for you below … 


Unique Wedding Guest Dress Inspiration

 Funky Florals 

Boho Floral Maxi Dress

This floral-inspired piece is a wedding day winner. Seeing you through Spring, Summer, and possibly even Autumn nuptials, a certain ready-for-anything appeal earns this dress a spot in your wedding wardrobe. 


Subtly eye-catching details such as a v-neck paired with short sleeves make for an appealingly angular aspect that’s a rarity in casual-chic fashion – but it works. Flowing naturally for an easy-breezy look, a felt belt allows you to adjust the waist for a comfortable and flattering fit. And, as a floor-length floral, this wedding dress is undeniably a work of art that has airs of the ‘statuesque.’



Yellow Cotton Shirt Dress 

Short Summer Cotton Shirt Dress

Entirely quirky, irresistibly adorable, and oh-so quaint – this dress is perfect for the wedding guest that wants to show their true colors in style. A Peter Pan collar sets the relaxed and cutesy trend for this dress, that’s only enhanced by the easy-going, streamlined silhouette gracefully passing over the waistline. And while the hem falls just at the knees, short sleeves and a high neckline keep things appropriately causal and delightfully stylish. The cherry on top? An embroidered heart that’s apt for the day that’s in it!


Overall, this distinct couture wedding guest dress wouldn’t look out of place at any wedding, regardless of the season. Moreover, the casual aspect allows this dress to be worn daily, even lending itself well to the night. 


As a somewhat strikingly yellow piece, this dress may not be the ideal choice for formal weddings. However, it’ll be the toast of more causal affairs, guaranteeing comfort, personality, and style all-in-one.


Classic Beauty with a twist

Turtleneck gingham two-piece ensemble

Turtleneck Wool Black Sweater Check Skirt Two Piece Set

Express yourself with this unique Turtleneck fit. Yes – you read that right: turtleneck. Of course, that considered, we recommend this dress for Winter weddings, but the Gingham skirt can undoubtedly help this distinct ensemble ease into Autumn weddings. Either way, you’re guaranteed to be warm, cozy, comfortable, and utterly stylish. 


Crafted from wool, the striking black sweater cuts a sleek silhouette leading to a smart, streamlined Gingham skirt. However, there’s a twist – this is a two-piece outfit. So, for future weddings, you can mix and match to your heart’s delight, never running out of unique styles to try out! No matter how you decide to wear this style, you can rest assured you’ll be one in a million.


 Where Fashion Worlds Collide 

Contrast Midi Dress

Summer Sheath Contrast Dress Midi Front Slit Batwing Sleeve

Standing out doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be as simple as 1, 2 – done with this Contrast Midi Dress. Two striking colors – black and yellow – meet at a stylish angle in this stunning dress that’s brimming with personality. 


A rounded neckline brings a welcome softness to the midi dress, while a front slit brings a touch of heat. A batwing sleeve brings the drama in style. And belt or no belt, the dress is perfect for making a subtle statement in style. 


Better still, as a midi dress, it not only meets but surpasses those tricky wedding guest dress length guidelines. And, thanks to a substantial yet breathable fabric, this is the aseasonal dress that’ll see you through weddings from Winter to Summer and everywhere in between.


A Work of Art  

Embroidered Dot Tulle Dress

Summer A-line Dot Tulle Dress

Want to look like a work of art without overshadowing the beautiful bride? Your wish is our command. This A-line wonder ticks all of the wedding guest dress boxes and more. As the quintessential wedding-ready dress design, there’s some leeway permitted when it comes to style and detailing. And this dress makes full use of that creative freedom with a floral-inspired design with plenty of detailed embellishments for a dress that wouldn’t look out of place in an art museum.


Slightly mesh-like in feel, this is a lightweight fit that’s perfect for those faraway wedding destinations in the sun or just for your standard Summer nuptials.


A Dress that Means Business

Velvet Blazer Dress

Fall Velvet Blazer Slit Dress

You’ll be in a league of your own with this one-of-a-kind dress. No one will rival your place as the most uniquely stylish wedding guest with this right-on-trend Velvet Blazer Dress. Mixing the best of both worlds, this stunning vintage-chic ensemble calls on the authority of the blazer with the elegance of a streamlined pencil skirt for a formal yet casual look like no other.


A tailored collar adds a stylish flourish, while an empire waist carves your silhouette beautifully. Detailed stitching and diamonds add a touch of pizzazz that’ll certainly have all eyes on you. Overall, this is a piece that wouldn’t look out of place on a red carpet as much as on the dancefloor.


Finally …


We firmly believe that within the confines of wedding guest rules, there’s plenty of room for personality and self-expression. You can let your true shades shine through without running into any color’ donts.’ And, you can even tastefully stand out without stealing any of the spotlight away from the happy couple. 


By choosing from the dresses above, we can guarantee you’ll be a one-of-a-kind wedding guest. And better still, you won’t have to deal with the “what if I show up wearing the same thing as someone else?!” headache. So, sit back, relax, and pick a wedding guest dress that’s entirely your own from the list above – enjoy!

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