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Choosing the Best Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

As a bride-to-be, the ring isn’t the only thing you will say “yes” to. Every detail, big or small goes a long way in having the wedding of your dreams. There are many decisions that are to be made and the first thing you will want to do after getting engaged is to figure out which dress you want to say ‘yes’ to.

Shopping for a wedding dress is such a memorable, thrilling, and emotional experience. So it stands to reason that this momentous occasion merits an article of clothing befitting the occasion. But there are so many choices that it can be difficult to navigate the process. Even while you could be ready with questions for your advisor, inspirations pinned on Pinterest, and outfits you’ve favorited on our website, it will be simpler to make a choice if you have a quick awareness of the silhouettes that go best with your personality and body type.

So to narrow down the search, we have done a little digging and found which dresses will be the most flattering for your body type and shape.

How Women’s Body Shapes and Types are Used for Dress Sizing Labels

The terms “body shape” and the “body types” are used in the fashion industry and on outfit labels to help buyers to understand their sizing details.

  • Every woman falls into different body types such as petite, and curvy.
  • Women’s body shape categories are classified into an hourglass shape, pear-shaped, apple, slim or straight.

It is important to keep your body type and shape in mind during the hunt for your perfect wedding dress. Also, try to keep an open mind and try as many dresses as possible, even those you typically wouldn’t choose. Your choice should not only be based on your physical appearance; it should also reflect your level of confidence and happiness. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful in your gown!


Brides with an hourglass body type typically have larger breasts, wider hips, and a more defined waist. Let’s look at the greatest designs to highlight your curvy features as you have one of the most appealing body forms there is.

Look for a dress with a corset or a structured bodice for more support and definition, which will cinch you in and further define your shape. A neckline that doesn’t visually change the size or weight of your breast is also something you should look for. Aim for simple, feminine necklines like a shallow v-neck or a sweetheart.

Avoid: It’s advisable to avoid adding any additional weight to your bust and hips because they are already perfectly proportioned. Avoid wearing dresses with wider skirts in the ball gown, empire, or princess styles since they may make you look larger in these regions and are less suited to your figure.

Hourglass Wedding Dress Ideas
Hourglass Wedding Dress Design


A pear body type is characterized by hips that are typically wider than the breast area and a distinct waist. You can have a slim and petite frame, a very feminine neck and shoulders, and a smaller chest.

Avoid: It’s recommended that you avoid wearing empire dress types because they could hide your delicate shape and give the impression that you are larger than you actually are.

Pear shape Body Shape Wedding Design
Pear shape Body Shape Wedding Design

The Triangle Shape

You most likely have a triangle shape if your shoulders and upper body are proportionately larger than your lower body. In light of this, you should pick an a-line or ballgown style that draws attention to your small waist and breast but does not hug your hips, giving the appearance of an hourglass figure. If your bust is particularly petite, consider an outfit with top visual details, such as sleeves, a unique neckline, beading, or lace, to accentuate your hourglass figure.

Avoid: Avoid wearing dresses with strapless, off-the-shoulder, or halter necklines since they will draw attention to your broader shoulders and could make you appear out of proportion.

Triangle Shape Silhouette Wedding Dress Designs
Triangle Shape Silhouette Wedding Dress Designs

Athletic Body Shape

In addition to a narrow waist and well-defined shoulders, women with an athletic body type often have a toned torso. Fortunately for you, you have fantastic shoulders and décolletage to flaunt; do it in a halter, racerback, or strapless style. Consider wearing a dress with an off-the-shoulder or strapless neckline to achieve this. A dress with a beaded and embellished neckline also looks good.

Avoid: Avoid wearing ballgown dresses that will make you look big and take the attention off your features.

Athletic Silhouette Wedding Design
Athletic Silhouette Wedding Design
Athletic Silhouette Wedding Design
Athletic Silhouette Wedding Design

Oval Shape

Brides with a bigger breast, narrow hips and a fuller torso typically have the apple-shaped, or oval, body type. You tend to have lean legs and limbs and a more rounded torso.

Avoid: High-neck or halter dresses run the risk of obscuring your other body parts and drowning you out in the chest area. Avoid dresses with pleat patterns and ones that emphasize your waist because they are unflattering to your form.

oval body shape wedding dress
oval body shape wedding dress

Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body type, often known as the banana shape, gives brides a straighter form with shoulders, hips, and waist all falling within the same measurement. You can also be tall, with a modest breast and little waist definition.

Avoid: Avoid dresses with tight silhouettes like mermaid, fishtail, or silhouettes since they will draw attention to your straight shape and offer you less definition. High necklines may also make you look longer and less proportionately built.

Rectangle Body Shape Wedding Dress
Rectangle Body Shape Wedding Dress

On your big day, you want to feel like you without being overly cautious. Choose wedding dress designs and aesthetics that make you feel your finest while being loyal to your own personality. Can you also put your insecurities aside and pay attention to what your closest friends, family members, and stylist have to say? Every bride has physical characteristics they like and dislike. Finding a dress that satisfies these requirements is crucial, but you must resist letting your inner critic rule your choices.

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