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Sexy Bodycon Criss Cross Halter Dress

“When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.”
—Iris Apfel

Ah, the ever-perplexing question: what to wear to a wedding when you are a guest? We know, we know. It’s hard to not look like you’re upstaging the bride while still looking like absolute fire. But it’s certainly doable. In fact, you can look like a photoshoot-ready model without even so much as stealing a ray of the happy couple’s spotlight.


Don’t know where to begin? We’re on hand with 5 stunning dresses that look drop-dead gorgeous in the spotlight without stealing it – take your pick!


Stylish & Photoshoot Ready Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

Hollywood-inspired 20s chic

Spaghetti Strap Tassel-Fringed Mini Dress

Women Spaghetti Strap Tassel Fringe Dress 

The secret to making a subtle statement lies in the design of this dress. The texture-creating tassels sway to and fro as you move, strut, and throw moves on the dance floor. A chorus of fringed movement catches the lens while the camera falls in love with the satiny sheen of this eye-catching vintage-inspired dress. A straight neckline also prevents overcomplication, while an empire waist and mini mix keep things minimalistically stylish. Overall, the result is a dress that embraces your silhouette, melding to your curves without feeling restrictive, allowing you to keep moving throughout the day no matter what song plays!


Better still, the exquisite dress draws on 1920s influence while incorporating modern elements to make this a timeless yet contemporary beauty that the camera just falls in love with.


 Oceans of Luxurious Beauty 

Bodycon Mermaid Dress

Women's Sleeveless Midi Bodycon Mermaid Cocktail Bandage Dress 

This wedding-ready dress is elegance incarnate. Sophistication, grace, and that ‘million dollar’ look are sewn into every carefully executed stitch. And, with just the right (acceptable!) amount of sex appeal for any wedding – this is a figure-hugging dress that allows you to flaunt your best without overstepping any marks.


However, the true showstopper comes in the shape of an exquisite ruffle hem that’s the perfect substantial contrast to a plunging back and deep v-neck. Paired with delicate spaghetti straps and soft material, the result is an absolute dream. Available in red, blue, white, and coral, there’s a shade to suit all skin tones or wedding themes, making this a go-to dress for those who want to bring the heat no matter the occasion.


The Instragram Dress

Crisscross Halter Dress

Sexy Bodycon Criss Cross Halter Dress 

It’s not every day you see a ruched split at a wedding, but daring choices are becoming more common. And it can’t be denied that the ‘presence’ of a ruched split is stronger than any old split – that’s why the camera can’t get enough of it.


In an age when everyone wants to look Instagram-ready at all times, strict wedding guest rules are slowly fading into a thing of the past. And with them, notions that you can’t dare to even slightly bare at weddings.


Since this sultry halter dress flatters instead of flaunts and embraces instead of constricts – we think it’s the ‘goldilocks zone’ dress. In fact, we’d argue that it is THE Instagram dress of the moment. The halter neck crisscross mix has stolen the heart of fashionistas worldwide. In fact, you’ve probably seen different variations of this dress grace your social media feeds – and now – you can have the wedding dress version!


Summer Vibes & Timeless Style

Halter Neck Mini Dress

Halter Neck A-line Ruffled Sleeveless Dress 

Sometimes, all you need to look photoshoot ready is the right splash of color. And since it’s best to avoid any color that’ll steal the bride’s shine, we have a special recommendation for you: royal green.


Halter necks were, are, and may always be right on-trend for weddings. Why? Simple answer: they look great. Longer answer: once you’ve secured a halter neck, you already look formal. For whatever reason, the higher the neckline (turtlenecks exempt), the more formal and ‘put-together’ you appear. As a general rule, you’re now permitted some leeway when it comes to the rest of your ensemble. But this dress doesn’t break any rules. Instead, it follows them incredibly fashionably, playing into the trends of all seasons, but falling primarily into the ‘summer wedding’ category.


A light, flowy body is cinched around the waist area by a simple matching belt that adds texture without overwhelming. What’s more – it’s a polka dot pattern – and there’s nothing as classically chic as that.


And if this all sounds ideal to you but green’s not your color – we have good news for you. The gorgeous dress is also available in light and dark brown, allowing you to dip into the neutral color trend – a fashion double whammy that’s not just a one-hit-wonder. In other words, this isn’t a wedding-only dress; it’s a wardrobe must-have that can be work all-year-round.


Elegant Artistry

Midi Chiffon Dress

Midi Ruffle Chiffon Fit & Flare Dress 

There’s a reason why nature has its own photography genre – it’s just too beautiful not to capture! And now, you can capture some of that beauty to add to your own beauty. All the while capturing glances, attention, and plenty of “where did you get that dress?!”


This distinct dress stands out in a crowd, and not just one made up of wedding-goers. A certain artistry infuses the style while a timeless charm is evoked by the texture-building chiffon-polyester mix. A silhouette-flattering empire waist adds a regal touch that’s only elevated by a unique, feminine surplice neck. In addition, ruffle sleeves tie the dress together effortlessly with a prepossessing yet casual ‘billowy’ appeal that works for all weddings. And as the icing on the already flawless cake, a ruched slit adds some heat to this elegant piece.


Finally …


Photos happen. That’s a fact. In fact, we’d argue that nowhere are more photos taken than at a wedding – and for good reason! As what’s presumably the happiest day of a couple’s lives, they’ll want to capture every moment!


So, why not be prepared? If you’re on the lookout for a dress that’ll not only look gorgeous in person but also in photos, then feel free to select from the dresses above. They’re tried and tested photo-ready – all you have to do is take your pick! And don’t worry, we can guarantee they won’t cause a stir. They’re just the right amount of eye-catching to intrigue but never steal the show.

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