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Have you received a wedding invitation? And among other information, it stated: formal dress code? If yes, then we believe that you immediately got a little worried and wondered what does that dress code even means.

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When talking about dress codes, there are several ones that we separate into more formal and less formal. You don’t even need to be scared, the fact that your invitation stated which dress code will be required has made your search for a perfect dress 90% easier. The formal dress code is a perfect balance between a black tie and a more relaxed cocktail dress code. If you put on a floor-length gown, a fancy cocktail dress, you will respect the code and look gorgeous.

Choose long dresses, the ones that can reveal your shoulder or ankles. You can also opt for lifted or loose hair and choose whichever accessories you want to complete your outfit in a nice and elegant way.


 Photo: Emma Bauso

Embroidery A-line Summer Long Tulle Dress

This gorgeous romantic dress will perfectly fit into bounds set by the formal dress code. It is made of high-quality material, is ankle length, and features very nice short trumpet sleeves. If you love details such as embroidery, this dress will win you over instantly! Combining this dress will be a very simple thing to do. We recommend wearing rose gold sandals with a matching purse. As for the jewelry, choose gold or rose gold. If you’re not sure about how to style your hair, a light bun will work just fine.

A-line Black Lace Floral Tulle Dress

This black elegant dress has some really nice details to it. It is a very modern dress, but it also fits into the formal dress code. It features beautiful blush pink flowers that look amazing when put on the black background of this dress. What gives this dress a slightly playful look are the ruffle sleeves and lace. We suggest combining this midi dress with blush pink sandals and a dark pink purse. Round the whole combination up with gold jewelry.

Vintage Midi Crochet Lace Dress

If you love dresses that are inspired by history, then this one is for you! Just take a look at this wonderful lace dress made in a combination of black and white color. It has a lovely belt that beautifully emphasizes the waist. If you also love short sleeves, this dress has them too. Furthermore, it has a round neckline that will look perfect on all body types, so you don’t have to worry about if it will fit you or not. Since the dress has a monochrome look, it would be interesting to combine it with other textures or colors. We recommend metallic sandals and a metallic purse.

Cross Wrap Off Shoulder Dress

Wow! Now, this is a truly special dress. If you take a good look at it, it is just perfect for attending a formal wedding. You will surely attract a lot of looks wearing this beautiful piece. It has a  very interesting design that is supplemented with a cross wrap upper part, and it is very tight so it will accentuate your whole figure in a very gorgeous manner. If you combine it with black sandals and a black purse, you will get a very interestingly looking outfit.

Black Lace Dress

Black dresses are just perfect to wear at formal dress code events. This one comes in a combination of lace and satin which perfectly fits into the wedding dress code. It has an upper part made of gorgeous lace, and a lower part from equally beautiful satin, which is ruffled, making this dress very feminine and modern. The dress would be best combined with nude shoes and a nude purse. Jewelry should be gold and hair should be lifted.

A-line Midi Floral Black Dress

If you’re a fan of floral print, then you should be bold and choose this dress. It will fit wonderfully on body types such as hourglass or pear. It is midi length so you can wear it alongside some very interesting sandals. Baby blue would be a perfect choice for this one. Combine it with minimal jewelry so the dress could come to the fore and truly shine.

Midi Beaded A-line Silk Dress Cap Sleeve

Sky blue may be a very unusual color to choose for a wedding, but trust us, it will look phenomenal. Especially on this dress which has a very unusual look. Just take a look at the black beads on the waist. What are they remind you of? A butterfly, flower, or bird? A truly beautiful detail. If you combine this dress with high black sandals and a black purse, you will look astonishing!

Summer Floral Chiffon Pleated Dress

Do you love interesting details? Floral prints? You’re in luck, they are very trendy this year. Combination of floral print and pleated looks quite amazing. Very elegant and timeless, this dress will be very easy to wear and combine with. Since you’re attending a formal wedding, we suggest black sandals and a simple black purse. And since you’ll be wearing a dress rich in details, it would be advised to go for simple accessories.

A-line Tulle Floral Embroidered Dress

Apricot is a color that, unfortunately, people don’t wear too often. And that is truly a pity! This color looks great on all skin types. And this a-line dress is made in a gentle apricot color that is additionally decorated with beautifully embroidered flowers. A combination of this dress with darker apricot stilettos and a gold purse will guarantee you a very fresh and modern formal look.

Beading High Neck long Dress

Now, this is a dress made for the red carpet! It is so gorgeous, elegant, and very refined. Just take a look at the neckline and sleeves. Additions like beads make it even more beautiful. If you combine it with nude stilettos and a nude purse, you will look like an actress going to the Oscars!

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